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 Fetch Local Customers | Affiliate Program

“The Easiest Money I Have Ever Made!”


"I spent 60 minutes reviewing the FetchLocalCustomers affiliate program on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon closed my first referral account worth $5,840 to me in year 1 alone!"

                                                                    M.S. Chicago, IL


“I referred FetchLocalCustomers to a lead I received through my local chamber of commerce. They closed the business and I received a $500 check. I wish everything was this easy.

                                                               B.P. St. Charles, IL


The FetchLocalCustomers Affiliate Program


FetchLocalCustomers provides the marketing and advertising solutions that virtually every business needs.  Better still, once they hear about our solutions, most immediately see the value and want to become our client so they can get MORE CLIENTS.


And that’s where you come in...


See, you already have relationships with dozens of businesses who really need what we can do for them and when you introduce FetchLocalCustomers' value proposition to them all three of us win!


  • Your friend, colleague or client wins by getting more customers 
  • You win by collecting a very nice referral incentive or by demonstrating your value by passing along a 10% discount 
  • We win by gaining a new client that we can faithfully serve

Win Win Win


Here’s how simple it is. You introduce FetchLocalCustomers and recommend that your contact call or email us. We take care of the rest and when your referred business becomes a client you share in the success so long as your referral remains a FetchLocalCustomers client.


How simple is that?


Of course, we want you to be comfortable, confident and effective in helping your business contacts so we have created a simple to follow training program that provides you everything you need to start recommending us like a pro in minutes.


What Are You Waiting For?


Becoming an affiliate is free and easy! Start earning a steady stream of residual income today by requesting your affiliate partner onboarding kit. Just fill out the information below and you’ll be on your way.


Become a Trusted Advisor Today!
Just let us know who you are and we'll send your Trusted Advisor tool kit to you right away!


If you already have a client base then being a FetchLocalCustomers affiliate just might be the easiest money you’ll ever make. Simply explain to your existing clients that the world of customer acquisition has shifted to the internet and the mobile web and let them know that we can help them. It’s really that simple. 


The service practically sells itself. Why? Because you don’t have to sell anything! All you have to do is provide helpful, useful advice- something you are already good at. Right?


But it gets even better if you are an existing FetchLocalCustomers client …


After we bring your 5th referral into our client family we’ll provide you and your website with our Premier Level of FetchLocalCustomers services for 1 full year ABSOLUTELY FREE!  That’s a $5,000 - $10,000 value that you’ll get for free for 1 full year as our way as saying thanks! 


Of course by the time you’ve made your 5th referral you will have already earned $1000s of dollars in referral incentives and since we will be reimbursing you monthly for every customer you bring our way so long as we are still billing them you’ll be creating a nice little passive income stream along the way.


And who doesn’t like passive income?


So, what are you waiting for?


Fill out the form below and we’ll send you our affiliate partner onboarding kit today.  By tomorrow you could be earning easy money while helping your friends, clients and colleagues to succeed in business.


Rather deliver a "value add" to your clients?


Then pass along a 10% discount instead! That's right, instead of taking your 10% you can simply let us know that you would rather we give your referral a 10% discount and we'll do that instead!


Become a Trusted Advisor Today!
Just let us know who you are and we'll send your Trusted Advisor tool kit to you right away!


Want to Earn Even MORE?


Then our “white label” partner services may be just the thing. If you want to maintain control of the client relationship and position yourself as the “expert” in online and mobile client acquisition. That’s cool with us. You’ll be able to set your own prices and maintain your client relationship while we work tirelessly in the background on your behalf.


How sweet is that?


A warning though… you’ll need to become a little more savvy in the ways of online and mobile client acquisition in order to position yourself as the expert and to manage the project.


But, if these are skills you already have or are willing to learn we’ll help you create your own “real” business where you’re the hero and we do all the dirty work. 


Go here to learn more about becoming a “white label” partner.

While Virturally Anyone Can Earn Residual Income By Introducing Us to  Businesses They Know...


Some of our Most Successful Partner Profiles Are These...


• Sales Trainers
• Small Business  

• Business Coaches
• Public Relations

• Small Business

• Business Focused

  Insurance Agencies
• Marketing


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