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1998 The Year Local Store Marketing Changed Forever

For well over 100 years consumers across America and throughout the world relied on a yellow paged book as the ready reference whenever they needed local products and services.

For a local business or store like yours that meant that one of the only ways to advertise your business was to place an ad in the "book". You knew it wasn't perfect and unless you were willing to spend big money, the phone book didn't bring many new customers.

Even if you spent the big $$ your local phone directory demanded you probably realized that their model of pitting you and your competitors against one another while taking money from all of you was designed to benefit them more than you. Right?

Enter Google, Smart Phones and A Whole New Way to Fetch Local Customers

In 1998 a little company called Google was born and as they revolutionized the internet they also forever changed local business marketing and how your customers and prospects go about finding you.

By 2005 Google had secured their dominant position as the world's information source and smart phones with web capability were becoming common place.

Today, 97% of your customers now turn to the internet when looking for your products and services. The "book" is dead, local store marketing is now local online marketing.

Clearly the phone book is no longer the answer to the problem of getting new customers. 

So what is the answer? A customized local business internet advertising and marketing program from FetchLocalCustomers.

At FetchLocalCustomers we place your message where your customers are searching; creating a virtual search monopoly for you while at the same time pushing your competitors aside.

Oh, and unlike the phone book we only work with ONE business in a category in any service area.

How's that for refreshing?

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The Yellow Pages Are Costly

Ever Wonder What Your Customers Use the Yellow Book for These Days? 


Here are some of the most popular uses...

  1. Door stop
  2. Pet cage liner
  3. Booster seat
  4. Pellet gun and small arms trap
  5. Oil absorber under leaky car
  6. Place to hide valuable documents
  7. Starting a bonfire
  8. Self-defense
  9. Pressing flowers
  10. Teaching their children about what life used to be like BEFORE the internet!  



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