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"You have to shoot where the ducks are flying"

97% of all New Customers use Local Online Marketing

Did you know that 97% of all local customers rely on local online marketing to find local products and services just like yours on the Internet? --90% use local search marketing!  As surprising as these figures may be that is exactly what BIA/Kelsey and ConStat found in their March 2010 survey of consumer purchasing habits. Amazing!

What Makes FetchLocalCustomers Local Online Marketing Different?

We start by building your online reputation and brand. Why? Think  about it - no matter how a potential customer, client or patient hears of you researching you online is going to be one of his first actions.

If he finds a poor or non-existent online reputation you just lost the sale and handed your competitor business.

With your 5 star reputation in place, we next deploy our proven, proprietary local internet advertising and marketing program  to get you maximum coverage EXACTLY where you tell us you want it. 

FetchLocalCustomers is a complete turn-key local business marketing and advertising system that brings customers to you... affordably.

A Complete Turn-Key Marketing and Advertising System

In other words- you continue to do what you do best and focus on delivering superb value – we take care of all the marketing and advertising details and deliver the customers you need to thrive.

Refreshing, right? And in stark contrast to web designers, search engine optimizers, email marketing providers and traditional local advertising salespeople that drain your time and money while failing to deliver results with their incomplete solution.

Affordable Local Business Online Marketing

If you have ever advertised using the phone book, radio, newspapers or direct mail then you will be very pleasantly surprised at how just a small investment in FetchLocalCustomers reputation based local internet marketing and advertising system can consistently deliver highly qualified sales leads and targeted customers.

How Many Calls Are You Missing?

Learn How We Do Local Business Advertising

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It makes no sense to invest in local business marketing & advertising that reaches beyond your service area. Leads from beyond your service area actually COST you money because they tie up your time and your staff's as well, actually increasing your cost of sales and decreasing your profits!















"With FetchLocalCustomers' approach it's like adding a high performing inside sales person that works 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost and with no headaches!

John C.

Naperville, IL


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