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SEO Norwich | Search Engine Optimization in Norwich

Trying to find a qualified SEO firm in Norwich?

May I ask you a question? Exactly why are you looking for a Search Engine Optimization company?

What I mean is this. Are you really looking for a Search Engine Optimization firm or are you truly looking for a company that can help deliver new customers and solid leads for you and your sales staff?

If it's the latter, then you've arrived at the right site! You see, at FetchLocalCustomers we are experts at Search Engine Optimization and we also are smart enough to realize that Search Engine Optimization by itself is really no benefit to you!

Fetch Local Customers Process

We've been researching, optimizing and tracking customer results since 2008. And this hard work has evolved into a lead generation and prospect fetching process that consistently works in virtually all markets and industries.

Not a Scam - A Proven Process

I'm guessing you get the same e-mail and voice broadcasts from companies that claim to have some "Page 1 listings available for you..."

To what end though?

You see, Search Engine Optimization is just the first step in the online lead generation process and by itself won't get you the results you want -- assuming it's even done correctly by one of these less than reputable firms!

When done right, Local Search Engine Optimization will increase the amount of targeted visitors to your site which is a good first step. Local Search Engine Optimization, if not done correctly, will tie up your sales and customer service folks. Increasing your cost of sales as they wrestle with unqualified visitors who just aren't a good fit for your business.

Sadly, this is but the first stumbling block. SEO firms just don't have marketing expertise. Rather, they are techie firms. Their focus is getting into coding and algorithms. And their expertise falls way short in the more important aspects of lead generation marketing and advertising.

What you're hoping to find is a firm with a proven process and track record of successfully generating new leads for companies like yours not just someone who can improve your search engine rankings. Right? Then an online marketing and advertising firm who uses SEO as one of the tools in their overall plan is what you need for success.

In short, you want a company like FetchLocalCustomers. We specialize in delivering new prospects, new leads, and as our name implies, new customers for local businesses identical to yours.

Call us, at 888 - 505 - 6162 or e-mail us directly at customerservice@FetchLocalCustomers.com

Together, we will be able to determine in 15 minutes whether or not our approach is a good fit for your company or not. If we're not, we will leave as friends and we'll do whatever we can to steer you to the proper resources.

If we're a good fit, we can talk about next steps, timelines and budgets.

Sound fair?

Give us a call, at 888 - 505 - 6162 or e-mail us directly at customerservice@FetchLocalCustomers.com

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