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Google Instant – Love It or Leave It? Vote Now

AdvertisingAge is running a poll, asking ” Have you found the new Google Instant function helpful in your web searches?”

As of right now 35% of respondents say “Yes” and 65% say “No”.

I voted “No.”  I find this Google feature Instantly annoying & turned it off.  (Just click on the link to the right of the field where you enter search terms to disable Instant.)

In my view, Google Instant is really aimed at mobile users who, in a few years will be the majority of Google’s potential revenue.  More on that trend here.

You can cast your vote with AdAge here or share you comments below.  What do you think?  Love it or leave it?

Google Instant – Going Mobile?

You’ve probably heard about and even experienced Google’s latest “enhancement”, Google Instant.

Personally, this feature drives me crazy & I think I’ll keep the option turned off.

I believe Google Instant is really aimed at mobile users who, in a few years will be the majority of Google’s potential revenue.

Predictive search is very similar to predictive text which is used on smart phones and designed specifically to expedite the speed of typing on tiny keyboards.

Right now in the US, there are more smart phones than computers and by next year half of all mobile phones will be smart phones. By 2013, mobile will be the primary way the world accesses the web.

When potential clients and customers are searching for local products or services, will they find you or your competitor?

Does Entrepreneurship Education Make Better Entrepreneurs?

According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, more than 2,000 US colleges & universities are teaching entrepreneurship.  And yet the question “Does entrepreneurship education make a difference?” has not been resolved.

As surprising as it may sound, we don’t really know the effect that entrepreneurship training has on start-up company success. Relatively little research has looked directly at the benefits provided by entrepreneurship education; and the results to date are far from conclusive.

Studies by researchers at the University of Arizona, New York University, and other institutions have found that people who have received entrepreneurship education perform better at running their own businesses. However, these studies don’t necessarily show that entrepreneurship education causes better start-up company performance. The same people who are good at running their own businesses might also be the most interested in studying entrepreneurship, so any relation may be a correlation not causation.

Additionally, a recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report on entrepreneurship training showed mixed results from several countries and recommended further study.

Here’s what I think. From my observations, the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training depends most on the student and what that student wants to get out of the training. Another good indicator is if the person has paid for the training out of his/her own pocket.

I’m basing these observations on teaching the following

- Entrepreneurship training to high school students with exceptional math & science skills at IMSA (Illinois Math & Science Academy)

- Sales training to sales people & business owners

- Leadership coaching to sales managers & business owners

- Member of the board of advisors for the Illinois SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

What do you think?  Does entrepreneurship education make better entrepreneurs?  What do you base your opinion on?

Marketing Concepts & Website Mistakes

Today I ran across this Top 10 Marketing Concepts for Small Business.

While most of the points are pretty mundane (planning, strategy, budget) I was surprised the author suggested that having a small web presence was adequate for an internet marketing strategy.  There really wasn’t much detail included in the article, but time after time I see the same website mistakes being made by small and even large businesses.  Don’t let your company make these same old mistakes.  Go here to read what we’ve found to be the

Top 5 Local Business Website Marketing Mistakes