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Scott Metcalfe Interviewed on MO.com – a Must Read

Scott Metcalfe On MO

Scott Interviewed on MO - Please Vote!

I’m very pleased to report that Scott Metcalfe and FetchLocalCustomers are beginning to get the attention of some pretty big name publications.  Earlier today MO.Com released an interview they did with Scott a couple of weeks back regarding the confluence of Local, Mobile, and Social.

Please go here to read the interview: http://www.mo.com/Scott-Metcalfe-Fetch-Local-Customers

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Finding a Career vs. Creating a Career

Local Online Advertising Expert Speaks to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Scott Metcalfe, Local Online Advertising Expert speaks to High School Entrepreneur class regarding the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It was a damp, cool, spring morning but the enthusiasm was crisp and hot at Central High School as Scott Metcalfe, Chief Strategist with FetchLocalCustomers.com, shared insights and fielded questions about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Metcalfe, a local online and mobile marketing expert and award winning entrepreneur, described the highs and lows of being in business for yourself. “I think that much of the guidance our high school students receive is based upon dated concepts and notions of what it means to be a productive member of society.”, said Metcalfe.

“The common advice being doled out remains:
1.    Graduate from High School
2.    Graduate from College
3.    Search for a job with a good company.”

While this model can still work, it is a far less certain path to success than it was for students graduating in the 1970s and 1980s, maintains Metcalfe.

He continued, “That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to speak to this entrepreneurship class. To me it’s clear that a much more rewarding and profitable career can be created by individuals who understand that our consumer society is changing and who can harness their entrepreneurial spirit to start their own businesses. The myth of long-term, corporate employment is dead. The only way to ensure your own long-term employment is to make it happen yourself.”




Scott Metcalfe Featured Speaker at QuickBooks Summit

QuickBooks Pro Advisors Need Local Business Marketing!

Scott Metcalfe, Featured Speaker at QBPro Fall Summit

When the Chicago QuickBooks Pro Advisors wanted someone to speak at their group’s day long summit on the topic of online lead generation for professional services Scott Metcalfe of FetchLocalCustomers was the logical choice.

The event, held on September 22nd 2011, attracted more than 50 professionals from around the Chicago area making it the largest of it’s kind in the region.

Scott’s presentation “Getting the Cloud to Rain Prospects” was right in step with the conference’s theme of accounting and bookkeeping moving from paper to desktop to the cloud.

Welcome Trusted Business Advisors

Another major theme of the conference was the idea that accounting and bookkeeping professionals need to move beyond the functional services they provide their clients and into the role of Trusted Business Advisor.

To that end we are pleased to announce our Trusted Business Advisor partnership program.  This program allows professional business advisors such as accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers to offer FetchLocalCustomers services to their clients at a 10% discount.

You can get all the details here:


Congrats to all the Chicago QuickBooks ProAdvisors and thanks for having FetchLocalCustomers



Scott Metcalfe Featured on Orange County, CA Talk Radio

One of our many areas of expertise is working to improve the rankings and conversions of Franchisee sites or “sitelets”. Often these sites are highly structured and inflexible, making our job even more difficult than normal.

Recently, we have been doing a considerable amount of work with Sandler Training franchisees around the country and it was during one of these many conversations that the invitation to speak to the good folks of Orange County, CA happened.

Throughout the course of the show, the host Will Crist and I looked at the role the Internet can and should play in terms of lead generation for sales driven organizations.

So… grab a cup of coffee, sit back and take some notes as you listen to this lively discussion!

Scott on OC Talk Radio

Are you a Franchise Owner?

If you are one of the tens-of-thousands of franchise owners around the country who is frustrated by the lack of leads being generated by your site or sitelet, please give us a call. No guarantees, but we just may be able to help you get your site producing the leads and those new sales you want and deserve! 888-505-6162

Bring Your Child to Work Day

For me, Bring Your Child to Work Day is a great experience to see what I might want to do in the future. I get to work with my Dad and create articles and help him out. I get to see what he does and I even get to make articles for him on my laptop.  I can do exactly what he does and do hands on work for his website. I can have a great chance to check everything out and see what he does everyday.

Me and My Dad


Logan-age 10

Scott Rubs Elbows with The Brightest Internet Marketing Minds

Yesterday morning I returned from one of the biggest internet marketing conferences of the year, the 2010 Traffic and Conversion Summit in Austin, Texas.  As one of the principle conduits between the strictly online “internet guru” community and “Main Street” businesses like yours I was invited to attend by the host, top-notch internet marketer Ryan Deiss.


Scott with Ryan Deiss at the 2010 Traffic and Conversion Summit

To say that this conference was a “who’s who” of the internet marketing space would be a complete understatement.  I had the chance to speak with:

  • product launch guru Jeff Johnson
  • “bum marketer” Travis Sago
  • PPC expert Amit Mehta
  • banner retargeting expert Mike Hill
  • social media goddess Kate Buck, jr
  • grandfather of SEO John Limbocker
  • conversion and offer guru Perry Belcher
  • mobile marketing diva Laura Betterly
  • and of course Ryan Deiss.

Ryan is one of the nicest, most sincere and driven internet marketing experts on the planet and this was the second year he brought the brightest minds together to openly share what is working and what is not when it comes to internet marketing.

Of course, only pieces of what’s working in internet marketing is directly applicable to businesses like yours and that’s why I was invited to Austin, to act as translator and communicator back to America’s “main street” businesses.

I look forward to bringing you a bunch of fresh ideas in the coming weeks and months that will improve upon the marketing systems we have already put in place.

You do have a system in place, right?

Scott Metcalfe of FetchLocalCustomers Educates QuickBooks Pro Advisors

QuickBooks Pro Advisors Need Local Business Marketing!

Scott Metcalfe, Featured Speaker at QBPro Meeting

July 27, 2010 Elgin, Illinois

Scott Metcalfe, Chief Strategist for FetchLocalCustomers.com, was in fine form as he explained what accountants, CPAs and book keeping professionals need to do differently in 2010 and beyond in order to not just survive but THRIVE.

Scott’s entertaining style kept the crowd involved as he walked through the essentials of internet marketing and advertising for local businesses.

One of the most interesting things Scott discussed is the recent shift in “referral” behavior which has made the need for a strong web presence mandatory.  The two key shifts in the effectiveness of local referral marketing are:

  • The shift of “referrals” to cross-check, investigate, research and compare the referred provider against other local providers using the power of the internet
  • The shift towards “referrals” coming from social media such as facebook and linkedin as well as “stranger referrals” from sites such as Yelp and Kudzu.

If your group would like to book Scott to educate and entertain your group or organization please call the FetchLocalCustomers main line at 888.505.6162.

Scott Metcalfe Speaks at PDCA National Meeting

Lead Generation Marketing at the PDCA

Scott Metcalfe Entertains and Educates at the 2010 PDCA National Meeting

June 12, 2010 Chicago, IL

It was a rainy day outside of Chicago’s O’Hare airport when Scott Metcalfe of FetchLocalCustomers took the stage to explain to the packed Painting and Decorating Contractors of America – Commercial audience how to Crack the Code to Lead Generation Marketing in the 21st Century.

Scott’s talk focused on the ongoing shift in consumer purchasing behavior and the need for advertising to reflect the shift to online information gathering.

A Brief List of the Topics Covered Includes

  • The Buying Continuum
  • The 4 Step Marketing Success Equation
  • How to use Lead Generation Marketing to cost effectively replace the function of an inside sales rep.
  • Why SEO is an incomplete solution
  • How the Fetch Local Customers approach to Local Internet Marketing works

If your group would like to book Scott to educate and entertain your group or organization please call the FetchLocalCustomers main line at 888.505.6162.